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Happy New Year!  I hope this *surprise* entry finds you feeling alive, healthy, and motivated for a great year to come.  I'm going to switch gears a little bit from my last several posts and create a space where we can all reflect on 2017--the ups, the downs, the progress you made, the areas where you can improve--and create a roadmap for 2018. There is also one aspect of myself that I've hinted at since starting Love, Style & Touring back in August but haven't incorporated it much, and that's my love for Astrology.  Astrology is a very important component of my life, I've been listening to podcasts, reading daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, and writing breakdowns of all 12 zodiac signs for over 5 years now. I fancy myself a baby astrologer, but I'm definitely not "official."  Until I buckle down and get my certification, my best readings and birth chart interpretations happen under the influence of the "special sauce," preferably bourbon of course, but any beverage packed with a punch will do. Let me say, though, if you ever look up your horoscope, make sure that the planetary movements are referenced in the write-ups!  Otherwise, you are more than likely reading garbage that actually has nothing to do with you and your sign. My favorite places to look at horoscopes and listen to weekly/monthly/yearly forecasts are: Anne Ortelee, The Astro TwinsSusan Miller, and the Daily Horoscope app (I've included the links for each one, just click the respective title).


Looking at 2018 astrologically, we actually begin the year with a wonderful Full Moon in the sign of Cancer tonight, January 1.  This moon is actually what is referred to as a Super Moon because of it's closer-than-usual proximity to Earth, appearing bigger and brighter and amplifying our emotional natures. The moon is tied to our deeper, emotional nature and what Full Moon's do is illuminate, bringing things to light that are important for us to see.  Full Moon's, and the 2 weeks leading up to the proceeding New Moon, are also a time for releasing things that no longer emotionally serve us.  Since our moon tonight is in the sign of Cancer, the nurturer, this particular Full Moon is about bringing things to light that no longer nurture you and releasing them in order to create space for more supportive, nurturing things to come in. What better time to do one final cleanse than at the top of a brand new year? Letting go can be difficult, I'm sure we all know that, but I urge you to be strong and release anything that doesn't nurture you the way you need.  The unknown on the other side of that release will be well worth your effort.



I wanna hold council with the ghost of my father

Tell him I'll be everything he could never be

And if I face the obstacles that he failed to conquer

I'll make it to the other side


As we approach the end of every year there is this notion of "New Year's Resolutions" and, to me, it feels like the whole idea is fleeting, mostly consisting of a temporary desire to alter something about oneself.  Instead, what I'd like to do is challenge you to create "New Year's Manifestations."  Rather than make a passive list of things you hope to change, make a list of things that you will make happen this year. The law of attraction is so real, we speak into existence whatever we choose to focus on, so let's acknowledge that we are all the captain of our own lives, steering our ship through both calm and stormy waters.  It is up to each one of us to manifest our destiny and we can all start right here, together, on January 1, 2018.  Louise May Alcott said, "I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship." Unforeseen things may happen that temporarily knock you off course, but in those moments it is how you respond that determines how soon you return to smooth waters. The universe never gives you anything you can't handle and it will always reward you for acting out of compassion, especially during the storms. Remember, often when we're on the brink of a major breakthrough, we go through the toughest tribulations.  And in those darker times, always choose the path that moves you forward. If you have to choose between going over or under, go over even if going under means temporary satisfaction. Zig Ziglar wrote, "you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice." Last year, we saw, on a grand scale, insane actions from a whole lot of people and this year is sure to bring judgment day to all of those who acted out of line.  Karma is a cycle, make sure you're spinning on her good wheel!


I hope you keep all of that in mind when writing your Manifestations! I dug deep and tried to consider every moment from last year that affected me, in whatever way, in order to create my list.  What I saw for myself was that the things or people that caused me pain also brought me an enormous amount of clarity with how I want to proceed moving forward. Consider your pain, consider your joy, and, most importantly, honor yourself during your pursuit of happiness this year and always. With all that said, here's my Manifestations for 2018: 


- I will grow The502Kid brand

- I will expand the collaborations I began last year, taking each vision and growing each one into something solid and tangible (stay tuned!)

- I will remain open to love, in all its forms

- I will express my gratitude

- I will actively pursue living with outrageous joy (more on this below)

- I will continue to be optimistic, even in the darkest of times

- I will recognize the magic in the little things: conversations with strangers, sharing moments in time with family and/or friends, listening to music that inspires me, etc.

- I will follow my passions and let them be my roadmap

- I will explore life as a minimalist nomad (no official landing pad for this gypsy Virgo in 2018!)

- I will look for the lessons in every situation--the good, bad, and the ugly

- I will clear out anyone who isn't "Team Graham" (actually did this the last couple weeks of December, but the forcefield is all the way up this year! )


Those are my Manifestations! What are yours? Please share them with me in the comment section below.  One of the best parts of this blog is all the comments and messages I receive once a post goes live. Having an open conversation is just one way we can check on our progress this year. Once you have your Manifestations, I urge you to check in with yourself and follow your progress as the days turn into weeks and weeks to months. I suggest getting some kind of planner or anything you look at daily and include some space to write out what you want to accomplish that specific day and month.  My absolute favorite, and the planner that I've been using for the last 4 years, is the Minimalist Day Planner by Action Publishing.  I swear, this thing has been a life changer for this scatterbrained Virgo!  There are spaces before every month specifically dedicated to your monthly goals plus some motivational quotes.  Also, there is more than enough enough space under each day where you can write all your schedules, appointments, and happenings.  I actually split the days of the planner in half--the top half is dedicated to whatever life stuff happens that day and the bottom half is for the astrological aspects.  It's got me through the last 4 years, I'm sure it can do the same for you!



I don't wanna go lonely

I don't wanna reach out in the dead of night

And find no one to hold me

But I'm burning my bridges at the speed of light


The last thing I'd like to do is share the short book entitled, "Living With Outrageous Joy" by Madeleine Kay.  It's funny how sometimes you don't find things, they actually find you.  Such is the case with this tiny little book.  My parents have books spread all over their house, including most of the bathrooms.  One day, like any other day, I was in the bathroom and I dropped something on the floor.  When I knelt down to pick it up, I looked up, and my eyes were immediately drawn to the canary yellow binding of this tiny book tucked in the back corner of the shelf. This book has probably been there for years and I have never once seen it until now.  To sum it up, and why I think it'd be a great read for everyone on this New Year's Day, Madeleine lays out the 18 keys to living with outrageous joy: Like Yourself, Claim Joy As Right, Welcome Your Dragons, Create Portable Roots, Explore Your Unlimited Possibilities, Discover Your Consistency in Passion, Just Let Go, Listen to Your Intuition, Choose Happiness, Live Abundantly, Indulge in Active Gratitude, Dare to Dream, Exult the Magic of Believing, Pursue Your Passion, Expect the Best, Live As If, Find your Answers in Love, Live Serendipitously.  Her brief explanations of each key make it an inspiring and motivational read that will truly help you get into the right head space as you walk into this new year. I know it got me together!


So, that's it!  I know this entry is quite different from my last four entries, but there are many more layers of myself to peel back and share outside of all the romance drama!  But, you know, the drama ain't going's still me, people. I hope you had a great New Years Eve and are planning and plotting your year today, or at the very least recovering from the potentially bad decisions you made last night. Either way, be sure to look up at that Super Moon tonight and release whatever doesn't nurture you the way you need to be nurtured.  The magic of letting go is all the nice, empty space we create for new beginnings and new fulfillments! 


Until next time...



But maybe I'm wrong

And I'm just another prodigal and cynical son

Wrong, I need to wake up, wake up, wake up

But someone tell me, how come I can't find my equilibrium?



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